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An Afternoon at the Park

Hello Loves! Today my husband and I took the girls to the park before we ventured out to dinner. It has been really cold here in Texas the past few days and we wanted to take a chance before it was too late.

First time swinging!

Arianna had fun being able to show her sissy how to swing by herself on the swing like a big girl.

So much fun!

Our tradition on New Years Eve is to pick a restaurant we normally don’t eat at during the year and go there for dinner. We all decided to go to Texas Roadhouse, I mean who can deny a nice juicy steak right? It was delicious and we had a great time.

Both girls are now in bed and my husband and I are watching Dick Clark’s New Years Rocking Eve. I hope you all have a great night! See you all next year!

xoxo Jaimie Lyn

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