Life Update

Hello loves, and welcome back! Here are a few things that have happened since my last update! We are in the process of buying our first home, getting ready to PCS to a new duty station, Madison is now a year old, and Arianna will be starting 1st grade in just a few short weeks!

The number one thing I dislike about the Army is having to move every few years. To all of my Military spouses, what is the one thing you disliked the most? This will be the third time we have had to pick up our stuff, pack it away in boxes, and move halfway across the country. I want to be able to stay in just one place throughout his entire career but I know this cant happen. I am so thankful that this next duty station is finally near our families. They will only be a few hours from us which will be awesome!

Arianna and Madison

I am super excited to purchase our first home, time to break out the Pinterest posts and decorate like crazy! Leave a comment below telling me your favorite decorating style so I can get some inspiration. I am really into the whole farmhouse feel and want EVERYTHING!

Remember to check back for future posts, I will be making a schedule in the near future!

                                  Thanks so much for stopping by!

                       – Jaimie Lyn




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