Baby Madison: 7 Month Update

Hello Loves!

I can’t believe it, 7 months has gone by so quickly and Madison is learning more and more each day. Here are some fun facts about her milestones up until this point!

Weight: 14lbs; she is a bit on the tiny side, but hey I’m tiny too

Length: 25.3 inches

Diaper size: Size 2

Clothing size: 3-6 and 6 month clothing

Nicknames: Maddie, Booger, Maddie Lion (she loves to growl lol)

Health: She has been teething for a couple of months now and I finally think her little tooth on the bottom will poke through any day now. Other than that she is very healthy

Sleep:  When it comes to napping during the day its almost non-existent. She will get so cranky then finally fall asleep, but only for about 15-20 minutes. Which is why I think she sleeps through the night for us (thank god!)

Such a happy girl

Diet: Aside from her formula intake Madison is now eating: Oatmeal, Apples, Bananas, Pears, Sweet Potatoes, and Squash. We have tried Carrots and Green Beans but she was allergic to the carrots and absolutely hated the green beans. I’m surprised she doesnt weigh more than she does because she still eats every 4 hours!

Loves: Madison loves to play with her big sister Arianna, play with her toys, to take baths, she loves her puppy and her kitty, and to run around the house in her walker

Milestones: Nothing new just yet, she has started to put herself on her hands and knees to crawl, but we arent there quite yet

Speech: She says: Da Da, Ma Ma, Ba Ba,  and Ah Ah (which we have determined is her sister)

Love her little face

Our little girl is growing up so fast. I wish there was a way to slow down time just a little bit so we can cherish these special moments for a little while longer!

xoxo Jaimie Lyn


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