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Life Update!

Hello loves! I can’t believe it has been four months since my last blog post, a lot has happened and I wanted to share it with all of you!

Lets rewind back to the middle of April where everything started. I was working one night and got off at around 8:30 and didnt feel that great ( I was 30 weeks pregnant at this time). I got comfortable and just sat on the couch to watch tv and relax. At around 10:30pm I started having contractions and had to go to the hospital because they were really painful. I thought my daughter was going to make an appearance 10 weeks early. I wound up staying in the hospital over the weekend to be monitored and to stop the contractions. Thankfully everything was fine and I went home.

Ok, so after this hospital visit I actually went back to the hospital 6 more times for pre-term contractions until my daughter was actually born.

When the big day came I had already met all of the hospital nurses and pretty much knew how to hook myself up to the monitors (lol). I was in labor for a little under 12 hours and Madison Rae came into the world at 10:51am on June 14th weighing 6lbs 7oz and 19inches long!

Big sister!

My husband was scheduled to come home from over seas on June 15th so he wasnt physically there for the birth, but thanks to technology we were able to have him on FaceTime throughout the entire process!

Here are just a couple more pictures of the girls and my husband!

xoxo Jaimie Lyn

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