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Teddy Bear Tea Party

This past Friday Arianna had a teddy bear tea party at school. We were told to dress the girls in cute little dresses and the boys had to wear dress pants and a nice shirt. Have I mentioned how much I love this school? This is the third time since Arianna has started here that they have put together something fun and engaging for the kids. –Think about the best school memory you have with your kids and leave it in a comment below!

The day before the party I took Arianna to Target to pick out a dress and a cute pair of shoes. I fell in love with every single dress we found but after trying a couple on, we both settled on this one. She told me she wanted to look pretty and this dress was perfect!

The next day at school we were led outside by a few teachers to the transformed playground. It was beautiful outside that morning which was great. There were cute little white tables and chairs, blankets, a gazebo, food, and even a cute little place to take pictures. This school really out did themselves for this one. I was very impressed with how it all turned out.

Picture time

During the week the kids learned all about table manners and to always say please and thank you when asking for something. As the tea was being poured, the kids were saying things like “Can you please pass the sugar”, “Thank you for the tea”, “No thank you I am full”. 

After finishing their tea and snacks it was time to dance and really get the party started. Each boy asked a girl to dance and it was the cutest thing I had ever seen. Everyone got together and performed two group dances before the party was over. Arianna came over to me and said she had so much fun and couldn’t wait to do it again!

Dance Party!

  xoxo Jaimie Lyn

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