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Valentine’s Party

On Friday I was able to attend Arianna’s Valentine’s Day party at school. Walking into the classroom it was flooded with red,pink, and white everywhere! The kids were all excited and couldn’t wait to pass out their valentines to each other, have snacks, and play outside.

These were all hanging on the Classroom door
The first thing the kids did was take turns going around in a circle and handing out their valentine’s cards to everyone in the class. They all made their own mailboxes to carry all the goodies in. Here is Arianna with hers:
“Mommy look at me!”
 All of the kids were very polite and kept thanking one another each time a card was put into their mailbox. Some kids even wanted to give hugs. It was super adorable if you ask me!

Everyone was then told to sit at the table to have a sweetheart snack! The menu consisted of: Heart-shaped cheese, crackers, strawberries, cool whip, cookies, and even strawberry milk (which Arianna of course didn’t drink).

 Next it was time to color Valentine’s themed pictures and Arianna colored me a really pretty one which is now hanging on our fridge:
 At the end of the day all of the kids went outside and played on the playground before going home. Arianna decided to be a gymnast and practiced her skills on the balance beam, she said “Mommy, I’m so good I only fell off one time!”
Way to go baby girl!


I am so glad I was able to experience this day with her!
xoxo Jaimie Lyn

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