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Dealing with Change

Hello loves,
It’s that time again, meaning that EJ has to pack up all of his stuff and leave for 9 months due to an overseas deployment. We have been aware of this for awhile but now is when it really sinks in. I plan to share with you everything that I do to keep Arianna and I busy to pass the time.


We have driven halfway across the United States to move back home to Florida while EJ is deployed so we can be around family when the new baby is born. After a couple of weeks of unpacking and moving things around I am finally settled in and everything has found its place here. Arianna has even started a new school and loves it!
First day of Pre-K!
One of the first things that I did with Arianna to help make the days go by a little faster is I went to Hobby Lobby and bought two canisters, some marbles, and stickers. I took the stickers and spelled out “Days Left”, and “Dad Comes Home” on each one. Every night before she goes to bed she puts a marble from the “Days Left” into the “Dad Comes Home!” canister. She understands that once the “Dad Comes Home!” canister is filled, EJ will be on his way back home to us.


Best way to count down the days

xoxo Jaimie Lyn

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